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All performances are available to tour locally, nationally and internationally.

Dance Network West Mainstage 2024-2025: WILD MINT ARTS

Dance Network West Mainstage 2022-2023 Showcase:  Jessica McMann

If you are a community, presenter, programmer, school, or church, please use our contact form for price inquiries, touring possibilities and availability.

If you are a powwow/Indigenous dancer of any style (tap, jigging, contemporary, ballet, powwow, hoop dance) of any age and would be interested in dancing with us, please use the contact form as well.



A powwow performance celebration for all ages!

**This performance is only available after May 12, 2023**

Powwow dance, hoop dance and Métis jigging are beautiful expressions of Indigenous Peoples’ rich history and culture. Translated from Cree to mean "to dance" and "to be in movement", Nimihitowin! (Knee-me-toe-win) will mesmerize audiences with dramatic dancing, spectacular regalia and the subtle beauty of Native American flute songs. Insightful commentary about each dance will also enhance the performance as kids get the chance to celebrate this rich, cultural treasure with the Cree, Blackfoot and Métis dancers of Nimihitowin!.

Created exclusively for young audiences by acclaimed Calgary-based Cree musician, contemporary dancer and choreographer Jessica McMann, this energetic performance offers a rare opportunity to experience the stunning vibrancy of Indigenous culture through dance.

The performance is perfect for schools looking to start their reconciliation journey, or bolster the curriculum experience.

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