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Residencies - Workshops

We are currently planning residencies with Indigenous schools and communities for 2022-2023.  Due to the nature of our programming, we have determined that zoom/video teaching is not appropriate for cultural teachings to large groups. We care for the safety of students, teachers, and Indigenous communities.

Wild Mint Arts provides quality dance, arts, and culture in-school programming to support and empower Indigenous youth within the education system. These residencies and programming are not available for non-Indigenous students to participate in. For more information on these workshops, please contact us. We work with the Indigenous team/educators at the school to custom build empowerment programs. 





Hoop Dance Residencies bring a Hoop Dance teacher into the school for 1 - 2 weeks. Students participate in learning about local Indigenous history and traditional dance knowledge while participating in a high energy class. 

This residency is a creative residency (4 days - 2 weeks). Schools opt for one or two grades, divisions, or 1 combined class of Indigenous students.

Please contact for a pricing matrix and availability as well as more information for schools.


Manito Ahbee Workshop_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dance Workshops range from 1 hr - 2 days for Indigenous community organizations, after school programs for Indigenous youth, Indigenous pre-schools, First Nation kindergartens. We do offer workshops for non-Indigenous combined high school classes, universities classes, and churches. 

Participants can experience powwow dance, hoop dance and creative movement while learning about local Indigenous context and histories. Workshop are tailored to the age group and needs.  Instructors have years of experience working with all age groups as well as working in post-secondary.

Please contact for pricing and availability.



The music workshop is offered to empower  Indigenous students within the music curriculum.  The artists who offer this program are formally trained in Western forms while maintaining strong connections to their Indigenous traditions. 

Workshops run from 30 minutes to two days.  Students are introduced to Indigenous language and songs, as well as various instruments.  This is a participatory workshop for all ages.

Please contact for more information.

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