Wild Mint Arts delivers workshops, performances, and classes with Indigenous performing artists locally and from around the world.


We value and support the diversity of Indigenous performing arts, recognizing its inherent inter-disciplinary elements.


Empowering Indigenous people of all ages, abilities, and genders, we strive to offer inclusive programming, respectful of everyone.


Offering an opportunity for reconciliation, we serve the Indigenous community and our non-Indigenous community year-round.

We strive to empower Indigenous students within systems of education by offering Indigenous-only workshops from  pre-school to Grade 9.


Performances and workshops serve professional, emerging and recreational artists.  Performances and workshops serve businesses, schools, and communities. Offering engaging artistic programming for all members of a community regardless of identity builds stronger relationships.


For bookings, please include requested dates.

Phone: 403-919-0967

Email: wildmintarts@gmail.com


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